St. Gregory School

3440 N. 18th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ  85015




We want to be sure you are all up for the latest and greatest news.  Lots going on this month.  Please see below for dates and times.  We are very excited for Advent!  Thank you!

December 1 - Mass is cancelled, Church is having work done
December 6 - St. Nicholas Day (StuCo will be bringing candy canes to shoes after assembly);  Los Posadas will start in Preschool this day
December 7 - Confessions for 3rd-8th; 3rd will go to Mass and get ready immediately for Confessions. 
December 7-8 - Theater show "Gregory!" at 6:30
December 8 - Mass at 8:00 AM
December 9-10 - CEA week-end for us, let me know if you can help..."Gregory" will perform one song after Communion at 10:00 Mass
December 12 - 8:00 AM - Our Lady of Guadalupe, Spanish department hosting Mass
December 13-14 - Rehearsals for Advent Pageant
December 15 - NO MASS
December 19 - Advent Pageant at 1:00 and 6:00 PM
December 20 - Noon dismissal
December 21 - Noon dismissal and MASS at 8:00 AM
December 22-January 5 - Christmas break