St. Gregory School

3440 N. 18th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ  85015




2    Two pocket folders
Red plastic two pocket folder for Scholastic Reading Counts
6    Composition notebooks– wide ruled (NO SPIRAL BOUND NOTEBOOKS)
(Composition notebooks have pages that are sewn into the binding)
2    Packages loose-leaf paper wide ruled 100 sheets (we share as a class so you may want to have some at home too)
Pencil case
Large Eraser
#2 pencils (mechanical pencils are okay as long as they are #2 lead)
Box of crayons or colored pencils (NO markers allowed)
Pair scissors (safety child size)
1    Basic 6” protractor (half moon shape, measures to 180 degrees, transparent)
1    package of 4” x 6” index cards- lined
6    Glue sticks
1    Twelve inch /cm ruler (transparent ruler preferred)
Set of division flash cards
2    Boxes facial tissue
Rolls of paper towels
1   Container of Clorox/Lysol wipes
1    Bottle of hand sanitizer


Below you will find some book suggestions to serve as a guideline for your student’s summer reading. The lexile scores are given for each book, but your child may read any of the books that interest him or her. We hope that you browse libraries and bookstore shelves and enjoy reading all summer long. If you are interested in keeping your child reading at his or her level, you can follow this link to find out a book’s lexile score:

Looking ahead to the fourth grade curriculum, you may also wish to select non-fiction books about the state of Arizona, thirteen colonies, U.S. Constitution, and Declaration of Independence. Other topics could include the biographies of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Paul Revere, or Ben Franklin. You could explore scientific books on weather, animals, or electricity. Folk tales, fairy tales and poetry would be terrific selections as well.

Incoming Fourth Grade Requirements:

Choose THREE books from the list below.
Students will be required to take an SRC test on these THREE books but only TWO will count for your 1st Quarter SRC goal.

*** The books MUST be in your lexile range.

After you finish your THREE books, KEEP READING!!! Find books that grab your attention.