8 composition style notebooks (They do not have to be black and white.)
1 two-pocket folders
1 RED PLASTIC two-pocket folder (for SRC)
1 – 24 pack of #2 pencils – Labeled with their names!!!
1 plastic pencil sharpener with cover to catch shavings(will need to be replaced if they break it)
2 packages of WIDE-RULE loose leaf paper
2 three-ring binder (1”) NO LARGER THAN 1 INCH, PLEASE.
1 packages of 24 crayons
1 pencil box that snaps shut OR pencil bag with a zipper
4 boxes of flash cards (ONE addition: 0-12, ONE subtraction: 0-12, ONE multiplication: 0-12, and ONE division: 0-12) for home use.
1 large eraser (pencil top erasers also recommended)
2 - 4oz bottles of glue
1 pair of safety scissors (rounded tip)
1 twelve inch ruler with centimeter markings
2 boxes of tissues and 1 box for computers
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 roll of paper towels
2 containers of sanitizing wipes
2 red pens
2 highlighters (two colors preferred)
Flash/Thumb drive and earbuds (Students may use the same items brought in this past school year.  We will be using the flash drive to save their computer projects.) 1 package of 24 crayons (this is for computer class)
All 3rd: Required: Spiral-bound notebook (at least 50 pages) for note taking in Spanish class; one (1) container of disinfecting wipes
Many supplies will need to be replenished throughout the school year!


Reading is very important during the summer.  Students entering the third grade should read throughout the entire summer.  You will be required to read the following TWO books.  You need to read additional books to keep your brain challenged during the summer. Reading at least 30 minutes everyday is the best way to prepare for third grade and to improve your lexile score.  READ, READ, READ!

You must read, Freckle Juice by Judy Blume.  When you have finished the book, prepare the following book report to bring in on the FIRST day of school.

Your name, the title (Freckle Juice), and author (Judy Blume) on the top.
Write a 2-paragraph summary of the book.
Write an additional paragraph (3rd) to explain why you did or did not like the book.
Draw a picture of your favorite part from the book.
Be prepared to take an SRC computer test on this book.

 Choose at least ONE book (not an entire series) from the following list of books to read in addition to the book above. Be prepared to take an SRC computer test on the book you choose.

(ADLER) “Cam Jansen” Series                       

(DANZIGER) “Amber Brown” Series

(KLINE) “Herbie Jones” Series

(DELTON) “Pee Wee Scout” Series

(WOJCIECHOWSKI) “Beany” Series

(KRULIK) “Katie Kazoo” Series

(OSBORNE) “Magic Tree House” Series

(SOBOL) “Encyclopedia Brown” Series

 (PRELLER) “Jigsaw Jones” mysteries

 Make a list of all the books you read and bring the list on the FIRST day of school.  You must read additional books. See attached form for summer reading log. A nice goal would be 1-2 chapter books a week.  List must be turned in for a grade.

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